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Super 94.7 FM

UAE’s only 24 hour Malayalam & Tamil station. A perfect infotainment medium catering to the largest expat community in the UAE. The sole station that has a blend of South India’s two most popular cultures – the Malayalam & Tamil culture.

Right from a news savvy Malayalee to a political savvy Tamilian, we have shows which will be an on the go companion for our listeners. From a movie critic to a music critic, our listeners are treated to useful information that is served in style on Super 94.7 FM. We serve music that is handpicked to satisfy the “taste buds of every ear” that is tuned into Super 94.7 FM. RJ’s who are nothing less than achievers in their chosen fields are the faces that endorse Super 94.7 FM. This is UAE’s only station that has an RJ throughout the 24 hour clock.

The USP of Super is as the name conveys – SUPER music, SUPER content, SUPER news coverage, SUPER RJ’s with a SUPER brand. With Super 94.7 FM, you are guaranteed to stay Super.