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Gold 101.3 FM

Launched on 09th May 2010, Gold 101.3 FM is the newest addition to the Channel 4 Radio Network aiming to entertain the vast Malayali population residing and working in the UAE.

Gold 101.3 FM will target upper and middle-class Malayalis with a package of hit contemporary Malayalam and Tamil music, high energy jock talk, entertaining fun and info capsules to keep the people on the move, charged and updated.

Being a premium station, Gold 101.3 FM has entertainment value for everyone in the family. And hence Gold 101.3 FM offers a varied bouquet of shows, segments and contests, for all kinds of clients to make the best of their deals.

While primarily targeting the young spending crowd, the fresh and young feel of Gold 101.3 FM will attract older and younger crowd alike, into the aspirational space of "feeling young".

Hit Tamil music will be peppered across the shows to suit the young Malayali's tastes!